Deshyoga Charitable Trust

Deshyoga Charitable Trust, established in the year 2019, is a non-profit registered organization to promote Yoga in a scientific manner among the masses. The organization focuses on physical as well as mental well being. Several  ancient vedic scriptures as well as yoga scriptures are used to derive sutras and methods for treating ailments. The results obtained from ancient knowledge and methods are compared with the scientific knowledge of modern life before being taken to the masses.


Yoga Certification Board was established for certifications of yoga professionals and accreditation Institutions, prescribing syllabus for various levels of yoga trainers and such activities that may be considered necessary for promotion of yoga. Professional assessment of these service providers are carried out so as to certify the competencies so that the user of the service is assumed of the skill sets possessed by their trainer.

The program

With the growing popularity of yoga across the world, the demand for institutionally trained yoga teachers /yoga instructors/yoga therapist/ yoga master is on rise. The yoga certification Board (YCB) thus has a great role to play in catering to this rising demand.

Deshyoga Charitable Trust is proud to announce their association with the YCB and invites aspiring yoga instructors to join us to get their accreditation .

By joining us you will be able to get the following benefits:

  1. You will experience spiritual growth.
  2. Yoga will help you serve society by raising awareness among the masses.
  3. Learn about Sanatan Dharma and Indian Yoga literature.
  4. Experience physical and mental well being.
  5. Learn to rise above material gains and find lasting happiness.

Join the ‘Yatra’ to take part in our journey and reap all the above mentioned benefits and much more. Experience growth in all aspects of our life with increased awareness, confidence, focus as well as creativity.

For as many troubles as one may be going through, yoga promises to deliver solutions for each one of them.

अन्य कोर्स

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