About DeshYoga

With its establishment in the year 2019, Deshyoga Charitable Trust, started its journey as a non-profit registered organization to promote Yoga in a scientific manner among the masses. Yoga scriptures are studied in Desha Yoga, the sutras and methods described in the scriptures are practiced. The results obtained from ancient knowledge and methods are compared with the scientific knowledge of modern life before being taken to the masses. In this way, being completely satisfied, it is presented for the purpose of physical, mental and spiritual benefit of the general public.

The motto of the organization is all round spiritual, mental and physical health of people. The organization strongly believes in:

‘Asteya Pratishthayam Sarvratna Upasthanam’

'अस्तेय प्रतिष्ठायाम सर्वरत्न उपस्थानम'

From its unassuming origins, the organization blossomed into formal existence on 31/07/2019. Today, it thrives with over 150 dedicated volunteers and a colossal community of 10 Lakh past and present participants spanning India, USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai, and beyond.

Deshyoga has remarkably captivated and won over the hearts of the masses with its influence.

For the complete treatment of many diseases like blood sugar, blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol, thyroid, constipation, anger, stress and depression arising due to modern perverted lifestyle, Satvik diet has been described in the 8th verse of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Chapter 17 of Gita.

Hathayoga-Pradipika and Gherand Samhita methods to remove toxic and foreign elements from the body.

The effect of measures mentioned in religious texts like Sankhyakarika, Patanjali’s Yogdarshan Sutras and Upanishads and Shrimad Bhagwat Gita to solve the daily problems that come in human life.

Organization Unique ID: DL/2019/0240008

Registration No: 1509